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We combine computational simulations, advanced medical imaging and biomechanics to tackle challenging problems in cardiovascular medicine.


At CIMBL, we develop engineering-based approaches to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients with cardiovascular diseases. We focus in three key areas:

  1. Computational Simulations: We are developing physics-based computational models to simulate blood flow inside patients' blood vessels and heart.

  2. Advanced Medical Imaging: We are developing image analysis methods to extract anatomic and physiologic parameters from novel imaging modalities.

  3. Biomechanics: We are developing 3D printing techniques to fabricate heart and blood vessels that can replicate tissue biomechanics. 

We work in close collaboration with clinicians, radiologists, and basic scientists at leading hospitals to facilitate technology transfer. Through this multi-disciplinary approach, we hope to lead a paradigm shift towards personalized medicine and ultimately improve patient lives.

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